Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raelye's First Christmas

We had our Christmas today! Here are the links to the videos.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Whew its been a long time

Wow I didn't realize how long its been since I've posted. Raelye is literally running all over the place. She's eating mainly all finger foods now. She is getting her top two fangs in (without the teeth inbetween them). Its too cute!
Raelye is growing like a weed. She's over twenty pounds now and had a growth spurt a grew taller not long ago. She likes to "shake-a shake-a" where she shakes her hands & claps. She blows kisses (after she licks her fingers). Here are new pics!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Raelye just took her first step!!!
The popper pic was this morning and the others are over the past couple weeks taken by my phone.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Growing baby & growing business

Wow just realized its been a while since I blogged. So much is going on and so much is changing so quickly. Raelye is getting closer & closer to walking! She's standing on her own for a good 15 seconds now. Pushing herself up instead of pulling, knealing, and squatting. She learned how to scoot backwards on the kitchen floor and thinks its quite humorous. Daddy said last night she took a step in the bathtub.
Raelye says mama and dada very well now. She also practicing all other sounds and letters. She loves to squeal when she's excited.
She is able to wave and pat things now. Raelye started sleeping through the night when we got back from Texas a few weeks ago. Its been extremely nice getting a full nights sleep. We had to do some schedule adjusting otherwise she was getting up before 5. She sleeps now from about 830-630/7. Much improved! Daddy & I usually hit the sack shortly after.
With Raelye's inspiration, I have started a new business called The Purple Cheetah. It is a online store filled with baby clothing and accessories. I hope to extend to maternity and women's soon. I set up my website this week and will have products up hopefully soon. Please check it out!
We're traveling back home the last weekend in Sept for a wedding in Snyder then the next weekend we'll make a trek through San Angelo, Austin, and Temple. Hope to catch you somewhere along the way!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

First Words & a little more

So much has changed here lately, most of which has been captured in the videos. Raelye is crawling super fast! We've made the dining room into her playroom so we can keep her corralled. She started pulling up once we got back home from Texas. She loves to stand up and hold onto whatever she can.
Raelye is also eating everything in sight. She has started chewing and loves to eat yogurt melts, puffs, freeze-dried fruits, and pancakes! We talked to Nanny & Daddy Bill other morning (they are on their way to see us next week) and told them all three of us had pancakes for breakfast! Nanny said she didn't think it was such a great idea to feed Raelye something so sweet. I had to remind her that pancakes don't automatically come with syrup on them :) Raelye loves them plain.
Raelye is sleeping almost all the way through the night. She wakes up once for a bottle then goes back to sleep. We have weaned completely to the bottle.
Today was challenging at times. Raelye was crabby throughout most of the day. I believe she is getting more teeth is as the drool has increased dramatically in the past few days. She was standing in her playroom and I was in the living room. She pulled up on the babygate and fussed out a few m's and a "Mama" mixed in. She hasn't wanted to eat as many solids in the past few days except what she can chew (this issue reiterates the teething hypothesis). She went to bed tonight then woke back up and wouldn't be patted back down. Daddy brought the bottle back up to us and she drank the rest of it down. She reached up and grabbed two of my fingers and pulled my hand down onto her chest and held her hand on top of mine. Made me forget what a challenge today had been and then I had a hard time putting her down in her bed.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More videos

Raelye eating 7-31

Raelye in highchair 7-31

Raelye caught Lucy 7-26

Raelye's New Videos

Chasing Lucy 7-26

Swimming 7-28

Crawling around & playing 7-30